Commit f819944e authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fix error messages in compare_types function

parent ec843751
......@@ -706,39 +706,47 @@ def compare_types(type_a, type_b):
otherwise raise TypeError
LOG.debug('[compare_types]' + str(type_a) + ' and ' + str(type_b) + ': ')
type_a = find_basic_type(type_a)
type_b = find_basic_type(type_b)
if type_a == type_b:
# Check if both types have basic compatibility
simple_types = [elem for elem in (type_a, type_b) if elem.kind in
('IntegerType', 'BooleanType', 'RealType', 'StringType',
'SequenceOfType', 'Integer32Type', 'OctetStringType')]
if len(simple_types) < 2:
# Either A or B is not a basic type - cannot be compatible
raise TypeError('One of the types is not a basic type: '
+ type_name(type_a) + ' or ' + type_name(type_b))
elif type_a.kind == type_b.kind:
simple_types = (
for ty in (type_a, type_b):
if ty.kind not in simple_types:
raise TypeError('Type {} is not a basic type'.format(type_name(ty)))
if type_a.kind == type_b.kind:
if type_a.kind == 'SequenceOfType':
if type_a.Min == type_b.Min and type_a.Max == type_b.Max:
compare_types(type_a.type, type_b.type)
raise TypeError('Incompatible arrays')
# TODO: Check that OctetString types have compatible range
elif type_a.kind.endswith('StringType') and type_b.kind.endswith('StringType'):
# Allow Octet String values to be printable strings.. for convenience
elif is_string(type_a) and is_string(type_b):
elif not(type_a.kind in ('IntegerType', 'Integer32Type') and
type_b.kind in ('IntegerType', 'Integer32Type')):
raise TypeError('One type is an integer, not the other one')
elif any(side.kind == 'RealType' for side in (type_a, type_b)):
raise TypeError('One type is an REAL, not the other one')
elif all(side.kind.startswith('Integer') for side in (type_a, type_b)) \
or all(side.kind == 'RealType' for side in (type_a, type_b)):
elif is_integer(type_a) and is_integer(type_b):
raise TypeError('Incompatible types {} and {}'.format(
def find_variable(var, context):
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