Commit f7b22a91 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fixed UnknownType in nested sequences

parent 5d0b7059
......@@ -1213,7 +1213,12 @@ def _sequence(seq):
struct = ctx.resolve_struct(seq.exprType.ReferencedTypeName)
struct_ptr = ctx.builder.alloca(struct.ty)
seq_asn1ty = ctx.dataview[seq.exprType.ReferencedTypeName]
for field_name, field_expr in seq.value.viewitems():
# Workarround for unknown types in nested sequences
field_expr.exprType = seq_asn1ty.type.Children[field_name.replace('_', '-')].type
field_idx_cons =, struct.idx(field_name))
field_ptr = ctx.builder.gep(struct_ptr, [, field_idx_cons])
generate_assign(field_ptr, expression(field_expr))
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