Commit f5664d64 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add more syntax checks

Some errors were only reported on the screen by antlr, Now they are
caught by the tool
parent f2c01056
......@@ -31,6 +31,7 @@ import math
import operator
import logging
import traceback
from functools import partial
import codecs
from typing import Dict, Tuple
from inspect import currentframe, getframeinfo
......@@ -5427,17 +5428,35 @@ def parse_pr(files=None, string=None):
return og_ast, warnings, errors
def parseSingleElement(elem='', string='', context=None):
def parseSingleElement(elem:str='', string:str='', context=None):
Parse any symbol and return syntax error and AST entry
Used for on-the-fly checks when user edits text
and for copy/cut to create a new object
assert(elem in ('input_part', 'output', 'decision', 'alternative_part',
'terminator_statement', 'label', 'task', 'procedure_call', 'end',
'text_area', 'state', 'start', 'procedure', 'floating_label',
'connect_part', 'process_definition', 'proc_start', 'state_start',
'signalroute', 'stop_if', 'continuous_signal', 'composite_state'))
assert(elem in
# Create a dummy context, needed to place context data
if elem == 'proc_start':
elem = 'start'
......@@ -5448,7 +5467,26 @@ def parseSingleElement(elem='', string='', context=None):
context = context or ogAST.Process()
LOG.debug('Parsing string: ' + string + ' with elem ' + elem)
# some syntax errors are only displayed on screen by ANTLR and never
# reported otherwise. Override the function to collect the messages
def catchErrors(self, e):
# Overriding the function from
if self._state.errorRecovery:
self._state.syntaxErrors += 1 # don't count spurious
self._state.errorRecovery = True
hdr = self.getErrorHeader(e)
msg = self.getErrorMessage(e)
self._state.syntaxErrorMsgs.append(f"{hdr} {msg}")
#super(sdl92Parser.sdl92Parser, self).reportError(e)
parser = parser_init(string=string)
parser.reportError = partial(catchErrors, parser)
parser._state.syntaxErrorMsgs = []
parser_ptr = getattr(parser, elem)
assert parser_ptr is not None
syntax_errors = []
......@@ -5456,6 +5494,11 @@ def parseSingleElement(elem='', string='', context=None):
warnings = []
t = None
if parser:
# we get there twice in a row, both from focusOutEvent:
# first by the call to check_syntax
# then by the call to update_completion_list
# this could be improved..
#print (traceback.print_stack())
r = parser_ptr()
# Get the root of the Antlr-AST to build our own AST entry
root = r.tree
......@@ -5476,6 +5519,15 @@ def parseSingleElement(elem='', string='', context=None):
syntax_errors.append('Syntax error in expression - Fix it.')
except SyntaxError as err:
# Check that the whole string has been consumed (ANTLR may stop parsing
# after the last expected token, leaving invisible syntax errors)
moreToken = parser.getTokenStream().LT(1).start
if moreToken != None and moreToken < len(string):
syntax_errors.append (f"Issue at character {moreToken}:"
f" {string[moreToken]}")
# Add syntax errors from ANTLR recognizer
if parser._state.syntaxErrors:
return(t, syntax_errors, semantic_errors, warnings,
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