Commit e56b9db6 authored by Daniel Tuulik's avatar Daniel Tuulik Committed by Daniel Tuulik
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Save the output of test to file and diff it against an expected file

parent b5006f59
......@@ -218,10 +218,18 @@ def _run_gprbuild(gprfile, exec_file):
return (errcode, stdout, stderr)
if os.path.isfile (exec_file):
p = subprocess.Popen (exec_file, stdout=subprocess.PIPE,
actual = open("actual","w+")
p = subprocess.Popen (exec_file, stdout=actual,
stdout, stderr = p.communicate()
errcode = p.wait()
if errcode != 0:
return (errcode, stdout, stderr)
if os.path.isfile ("expected"):
errcode = os.system ("diff expected actual")
return (errcode, stdout, stderr)
return (errcode, stdout, stderr)
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