Commit e106c803 authored by Andres Toom's avatar Andres Toom Committed by Daniel Tuulik

Update test kind lists

* Remove test10 from QGEN_UNSUPPORTED. Minor simulation difference only
parent 97b64353
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@ BENCHMARK_CASES=$(filter-out $(DISABLED_BENCHMARKS), $(sort $(dir $(wildcard */)
export EXPECTED_FAILURES=test-typecheck/ test-procedure/ test-demoopengeode/ test-branchcoverage/ \
export QGEN_UNSUPPORTED=test3/ test4/ test7/ test10/ test-aggregation1/ test-aggregation2/ \
export QGEN_UNSUPPORTED=test3/ test4/ test7/ test-aggregation1/ test-aggregation2/ \
test-debug/ test-demotaste/ test-exitnested/ test-instance/ \
test-nocif/ test-nocif2/ test-processfpar1/ \
test-processfpar2/ test-provided2/ test-pus/ test-recursion/ \
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