Commit dbc24a85 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Render text areas at system level

parent 39525198
......@@ -64,10 +64,12 @@ def render(ast, scene, parent, states, terminators=None):
def _block(ast, scene):
''' Render a block, containing a set of process symbols '''
# TODO = Add text areas with signal lists, external procedures defs...
top_level = []
for each in ast.processes:
top_level.append(render(each, scene))
for each in ast.parent.text_areas:
# Sytem level may contain text areas with signal definitions, etc.
top_level.append(render(each, scene))
return top_level
......@@ -2307,7 +2307,6 @@ def text_area_content(root, ta_ast, context):
elif child.type == lexer.USE:
# USE clauses can contain a CIF comment with the ASN.1 filename
for each in child.getChildren():
use_cmt = ''
if each.type == lexer.ASN1:
errors.append('There shall be no CIF in text areas')
elif each.type == lexer.COMMENT:
......@@ -2317,7 +2316,6 @@ def text_area_content(root, ta_ast, context):
print 'HIM'
'Unsupported construct in text area content, type: ' +
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