Commit d4d3870e authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Minor refactoring

parent 83b10c6e
......@@ -814,14 +814,13 @@ package {process_name} with Elaborate_Body is''']
# for the .ads file, generate the declaration of the required interfaces
# output signals are the asynchronous RI - only one parameter
for signal in process.output_signals:
param_name = signal.get('param_name') \
or u'{}_param'.format(signal['name'])
# Add (optional) RI parameter
# Paramless TMs: when targetting simulation, the name of the TM is
# passed as single parameter. This allows the simualor to handle them
# dynamically, with a single callback function for all TMs
param_spec = '' if not simu else "(tm: chars_ptr)"
param_spec = '' if not simu else "(TM : chars_ptr)"
if 'type' in signal:
typename = type_name(signal['type'])
param_spec = u'({pName}: in out {sort}{shared})' \
......@@ -861,10 +860,7 @@ package {process_name} with Elaborate_Body is''']
taste_template.append(u'end Register_{};'.format(signal['name']))
elif not generic:
ads_template.append(u'procedure RI{}{}{};'
ads_template.append(f'procedure RI{SEPARATOR}{signal["name"]}{param_spec};')
procname = process_name.lower() if taste else process_name
# no: taste target keeps the case (with kazoo)
#signame = signal['name'].lower() if taste else signal['name']
......@@ -877,9 +873,7 @@ package {process_name} with Elaborate_Body is''']
# for the .ads file, generate the declaration of the external procedures
for proc in (proc for proc in process.procedures if proc.external):
ri_header = u'procedure RI{sep}{sig_name}'.format(
ri_header = f'procedure RI{SEPARATOR}{proc.inputString}'
params = []
params_spec = u""
if simu:
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