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Update design documentation

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...@@ -138,3 +138,16 @@ def continuous_signal(root, parent, context): ...@@ -138,3 +138,16 @@ def continuous_signal(root, parent, context):
i = ogAST.ContinuousSignal() i = ogAST.ContinuousSignal()
(...) (...)
return i, errors, warnings return i, errors, warnings
At this point we are done with the parser, which is now capable of filling
an AST containing the new construct.
There are still a number of updates to perform to complete the support of the
new feature:
- Create a graphical symbol for the new feature
- Update the renderer to draw the symbol
- Update the on-the-fly parser for syntax checks in the graphical editor
- Update the statechart renderer
- Update other backends that can be impacted, such as code generators
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