Commit c91c7040 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fixed casting in write statements

parent c9f59d74
......@@ -455,14 +455,12 @@ def write_statement(param, newline):
elif type_kind in ('IntegerType', 'RealType',
'BooleanType', 'Integer32Type'):
code, string, local = expression(param)
if type_kind == 'IntegerType':
if type_kind in ('IntegerType', 'Integer32Type'):
cast = "Asn1Int"
elif type_kind == 'RealType':
cast = 'Long_Float'
elif type_kind == 'BooleanType':
cast = 'Boolean'
elif type_kind == 'Integer32Type':
cast = 'Integer'
string = u"{cast}'Image({s})".format(cast=cast, s=string)
error = (u'Unsupported parameter in write call ' +
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