Commit ad71625c authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Refactoring function via vi command line

In addition to the substitute command (s,from, to,[g]) it is possible to
limit the search/replace to specific symbols, in order to refactor the
namings without touching other symbols.
For example: %state,from,to, will change only the text in the state
parent 2d77b270
......@@ -853,8 +853,11 @@ class SDL_Scene(QtGui.QGraphicsScene, object):
yield item
def search(self, pattern, replace_with=None):
''' Search and replace function ; get next search result with key n '''
def search(self, pattern, replace_with=None, cmd=None):
''' Search and replace function ; get next search result with key n
cmd is a user string from the vi bar that by default for a replace
is "s" (substittute string) but that can be a different command,
e.g. "state" to limit the substitution to State components'''
......@@ -866,6 +869,11 @@ class SDL_Scene(QtGui.QGraphicsScene, object):
if replace_with:
with undoCommands.UndoMacro(self.undo_stack, 'Search and Replace'):
for item in self.search_item:
if(cmd and cmd != "s" and
!= cmd.lower()):
# filter symbols based on the user command
new_string = re.sub(pattern,
......@@ -2193,19 +2201,20 @@ class OG_MainWindow(QtGui.QMainWindow, object):
command = self.vi_bar.text()
# Match vi-like search and replace pattern (e.g. :%s,a,b,g)
search = re.compile(r':%s(.)(.*)\1(.*)\1(.)?')
# any command is supported, not only substitute
search = re.compile(r':%(\w+)(.)(.*)\2(.*)\2(.)?')
_, pattern, new, loc = search.match(command).groups()
cmd, _, pattern, new, loc = search.match(command).groups()
LOG.debug('Replacing {this} with {that}'
.format(this=pattern, that=new))
if loc != 'g':
# apply only to the current scene
self.view.scene().search(pattern, replace_with=new)
self.view.scene().search(pattern, replace_with=new, cmd=cmd)
# apply globally to the whole model
scene = self.view.top_scene()
for each in chain([scene], scene.all_nested_scenes):, replace_with=new), replace_with=new, cmd=cmd)
except AttributeError as err:
if command.startswith('/') and len(command) > 1:
LOG.debug('Searching for ' + command[1:])
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