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Progress in statechart rendering

parent 4ae90c89
......@@ -57,7 +57,7 @@ class Record(genericSymbols.HorizontalSymbol, object):
super(Record, self).__init__(x=node['pos'][0],
self.set_shape(node['width'], node['height'])
self.setBrush(QtGui.QBrush(QtGui.QColor(255, 255, 202)))
#self.setBrush(QtGui.QBrush(QtGui.QColor(255, 255, 202)))
self.graph = graph
if 'properties' in node:
property_box = QtGui.QGraphicsTextItem(self)
......@@ -308,7 +308,7 @@ def update(scene):
'shape': type(node), 'width': node.boundingRect().width(),
'height': node.boundingRect().height()}
for node in scene.items() if isinstance(node,
for node in scene.visible_symb if isinstance(node,
(Point, Diamond, Record))]
graph = dotgraph.AGraph(
strict=False, directed=True, splines='spline', start='rand')
......@@ -324,7 +324,6 @@ def update(scene):
center_x = center_pos.x() * (dpi / RENDER_DPI['X'])
center_y = (bb_height - center_pos.y()) * (dpi / RENDER_DPI['Y'])
#pos = unicode('{x},{y}'.format(x=int(center_x), y=int(center_y)))
pos = unicode('{x},{y}'.format(x=float(center_x), y=float(center_y)))
if node['shape'] in (Point, Diamond):
......@@ -343,7 +342,8 @@ def update(scene):
if nodes:
before = scene.itemsBoundingRect().center()
#before_pos = graph.get_node(nodes[0]['name']).attr['pos']
render_statechart(scene, graph, keep_pos=True)
render_statechart(scene, {'graph': graph, 'children': {}},
#after_pos = graph.get_node(nodes[0]['name']).attr['pos']
#print before_pos,after_pos
delta = scene.itemsBoundingRect().center() - before
......@@ -353,17 +353,31 @@ def update(scene):
item.position = QtCore.QPointF(item.position - delta)
def render_statechart(scene, graph=None, keep_pos=False, dump_gfx=''):
def render_statechart(scene, graphtree=None, keep_pos=False, dump_gfx=''):
''' Render a graphviz/dot statechart on the QGraphicsScene
set a filename to "dump_gfx" parameter to create a PNG of the graph
input is resulting from sdl_to_statechart, it contains a tree of graphs
in case of composite states.
# Go recursive first: render children
for aname, agraph in graphtree['children'].viewitems():
# Render each child in a temporary scene to get the size of the scene
# in order to resize the parent node accordingly
temp_scene = type(scene)()
render_statechart(temp_scene, agraph, keep_pos, dump_gfx)
print 'rendering', aname
for node in graphtree['graph'].iternodes():
if node == aname:
size = temp_scene.itemsBoundingRect()
node.attr['width'] = size.width() / 72.0
node.attr['height'] = size.height() / 72.0
graphtree['children'][aname]['scene'] = temp_scene
# Statechart symbols lookup table
lookup = {'point': Point, 'record': Record, 'diamond': Diamond}
# Bonus: the tool can render any dot graph...
graph = graph.get('graph', None) or dotgraph.AGraph('')
graph = graphtree.get('graph', None) or dotgraph.AGraph('')
except IOError:'No statechart to display....')
......@@ -422,6 +436,16 @@ def render_statechart(scene, graph=None, keep_pos=False, dump_gfx=''):
for edge in edges:
Edge(edge, graph)
for aname, agraph in graphtree['children'].viewitems():
# At the end, place the content of the scene of the composite states
# in the symbol by moving them from their temporary scene
for symb in scene.visible_symb:
if unicode(symb) == aname:
for each in agraph['scene'].visible_symb:
print 'changing scene of', unicode(each)
def create_dot_graph(root_ast, basic=False):
''' Return a dot.AGraph item, from an ogAST.Process or child entry
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