Commit 9c40eaaa authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Update Ada backend for the simulator

parent 08b99c71
......@@ -141,6 +141,10 @@ The background pattern was downloaded from
1.5.33 (04/2017)
- Fix unicode issue with the simulation code
- Use -fPIC when building the simulation library
1.5.32 (04/2017)
- Unicode bugfixes in Ada backend
- Bugfix with SEQUENCE OF literals in Ada backend
......@@ -250,9 +250,9 @@ asn1.exe -Ada -typePrefix asn1Scc -equal {asn1}
asn1.exe -c -typePrefix asn1Scc -equal {asn1}'''.format(asn1=asn1_filenames)
simu_script += '''
gnatmake -gnat2012 -c *.adb
gnatmake -fPIC -gnat2012 -c *.adb
gnatbind -n -Llib{pr} {pr}
gnatmake -c -gnat2012 b~{pr}.adb
gnatmake -fPIC -c -gnat2012 b~{pr}.adb
gcc -shared -fPIC -o lib{pr}.so b~{pr}.o {pr}.o {asn1_mod} adaasn1rtl.o -lgnat
rm -f dataview-uniq.c dataview-uniq.h
asn2aadlPlus dataview-uniq.asn DataView.aadl
......@@ -513,23 +513,23 @@ package {process_name} is'''.format(generic=generic_spec,
# Functions to get gobal variables (length and value)
for var_name, (var_type, _) in process.variables.viewitems():
# Getters for external applications to view local variables via dll
process_level_decl.append("function l_{name}_value"
" return access {sort} "
"is ({prefix}.{name}'access) with Export,"
" Convention => C,"
' Link_Name => "{name}_value";'
process_level_decl.append(u"function l_{name}_value"
u" return access {sort} "
u"is ({prefix}.{name}'access) with Export,"
u" Convention => C,"
u' Link_Name => "{name}_value";'
.format(prefix=LPREFIX, name=var_name,
# Setters for local variables
setter_decl = "procedure dll_set_l_{name}(value: access {sort})"\
setter_decl = u"procedure dll_set_l_{name}(value: access {sort})"\
.format(name=var_name, sort=type_name(var_type))
ads_template.append('pragma Export(C, dll_set_l_{name},'
ads_template.append(u'pragma Export(C, dll_set_l_{name},'
' "_set_{name}");'.format(name=var_name))
dll_api.append('{} is'.format(setter_decl))
dll_api.append('{}.{} := value.all;'.format(LPREFIX, var_name))
dll_api.append('end dll_set_l_{};'.format(var_name))
dll_api.append(u'{} is'.format(setter_decl))
dll_api.append(u'{}.{} := value.all;'.format(LPREFIX, var_name))
dll_api.append(u'end dll_set_l_{};'.format(var_name))
# Generate the the code of the procedures
......@@ -138,7 +138,7 @@ except ImportError:
__all__ = ['opengeode', 'SDL_Scene', 'SDL_View', 'parse']
__version__ = '1.5.32'
__version__ = '1.5.33'
if hasattr(sys, 'frozen'):
# Detect if we are running on Windows (py2exe-generated)
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