Commit 9b271e09 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fix missing types in conditional expressions

parent 11201e5c
......@@ -239,7 +239,6 @@ class PrimConditional(Primary):
tmpVar can be used if the backend needs a temporary variable
to process the ifThenElse
is_raw = False
......@@ -544,8 +544,16 @@ def check_type_compatibility(primary, typeRef, context):
'" not in this enumeration: ' +
raise TypeError(err)
elif isinstance(primary, ogAST.PrimConditional) \
or isinstance(primary, ogAST.PrimVariable):
elif isinstance(primary, ogAST.PrimConditional):
then_expr = primary.value['then']
else_expr = primary.value['else']
for expr in (then_expr, else_expr):
if expr.is_raw:
check_type_compatibility(expr, typeRef, context)
elif isinstance(primary, ogAST.PrimVariable):
compare_types(primary.exprType, typeRef)
except TypeError as err:
......@@ -885,6 +893,15 @@ def fix_expression_types(expr, context):
check_expr.right = expr.right.value['value']
fix_expression_types(check_expr, context)
expr.right.value['value'] = check_expr.right
elif isinstance(expr.right, ogAST.PrimConditional):
for det in ('then', 'else'):
# Recursively fix possibly missing types in the expression
check_expr = ogAST.ExprAssign()
check_expr.left = ogAST.PrimVariable()
check_expr.left.exprType = expr.left.exprType
check_expr.right = expr.right.value[det]
fix_expression_types(check_expr, context)
expr.right.value[det] = check_expr.right
if expr.right.is_raw != expr.left.is_raw:
check_type_compatibility(raw_expr, ref_type, context)
......@@ -1254,14 +1271,14 @@ def conditional_expression(root, context):
errors.append(error(root, msg))
# TODO: Refactor this
check_expr = ogAST.ExprEq()
check_expr.left = then_expr
check_expr.right = else_expr
fix_expression_types(check_expr, context)
expr.exprType = check_expr.left.exprType
expr.left = then_expr
expr.right = else_expr
fix_expression_types(expr, context)
expr.exprType = then_expr.exprType
except (AttributeError, TypeError) as err:
errors.append(error(root, str(err)))
if UNKNOWN_TYPE not in (then_expr.exprType, else_expr.exprType):
errors.append(error(root, str(err)))
expr.value = {
'if': if_expr,
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