Commit 996e65b8 authored by Daniel Tuulik's avatar Daniel Tuulik

Check the current test rule before claiming QGEN_UNSUPPORTED

parent 2bdcedbb
......@@ -47,7 +47,11 @@ def main():
results = []
op = parse_args()
xfails = os.environ['EXPECTED_FAILURES']
qgen_unsup = os.environ['QGEN_UNSUPPORTED']
if op.rule in ['test-qgen-parse', 'test-qgen-ada', 'test-qgen-c', 'test-qgen-gt-ada', 'test-qgen-gt-c']:
qgen_unsup = os.environ['QGEN_UNSUPPORTED']
qgen_unsup = ""
with futures.ProcessPoolExecutor(max_workers=cpu_count()) as executor:
for result in, op.rule)), op.paths):
print("%40s: %s" % (result[3], colorMe(result[0],
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