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Work on implementing an state graph

parent 0ea9edae
......@@ -13,6 +13,10 @@ with ada.streams;
use ada.streams;
with ada.Unchecked_Conversion;
with system;
with ada.strings.hash;
with Ada.containers.hashed_sets;
use Ada.containers;
procedure test is
-- Reproduce the Context, and import it
......@@ -29,7 +33,7 @@ procedure test is
pragma Import (C, orchestrator_ctxt, "orchestrator_ctxt");
-- To save/restore the context when calling a PI:
backup_ctxt : orchestrator_ctxT_ty;
backup_ctxt : orchestrator_ctxt_ty;
-- Type representing an event (input or output)
type Interfaces is (pulse_pi, arr_pi, paramless_pi);
......@@ -45,13 +49,6 @@ procedure test is
end case;
end record;
-- Type representing an entry in the state graph
type Graph_State is
event : access Event_ty; -- Event causing the transition
context: orchestrator_ctxt_ty;
end record;
count : natural := 0;
procedure save_context is
......@@ -110,19 +107,69 @@ procedure test is
end loop;
-- Type representing an entry in the state graph (could be generic)
type Global_State is
event : access Event_ty;
context : Orchestrator_ctxt_ty;
end record;
-- We'll store only pointers to graph states in the set
type State_Access is not null access Global_State;
-- We will store the state graph in a hashed set. Use md5 to hash the
-- SDL context.
Ctxt_Size: constant stream_element_offset :=
orchestrator_ctxt_ty'object_size / stream_element'size;
type SEA_Pointer is
access all Stream_Element_Array (1 .. Ctxt_Size);
function As_SEA_Pointer is
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (System.Address, SEA_Pointer);
function As_SEA_Ptr is
new Ada.Unchecked_Conversion (System.Address, SEA_Pointer);
function State_Hash(state: State_Access) return Hash_Type is
package State_graph is new Hashed_Sets
(Element_Type => State_Access,
Hash => State_Hash,
Equivalent_Elements => "=");
Grafset : State_graph.Set;
function Add_to_graph(event : Event_ty;
ctxt : orchestrator_ctxt_ty) return State_Access is
New_State: constant State_Access := new Global_State;
New_State.event.all := event;
New_State.context := ctxt;
return New_State;
-- Build up a function to retrieve a state in the graph based on the hash
function Get_Hash(S : State_Access) return Hash_Type is (State_Hash(S));
function Hash_Hash(N : Hash_Type) return Hash_Type is (Hash_Type(N));
package State_Keys is new State_graph.Generic_Keys (Key_Type => Hash_Type,
Key => Get_Hash,
Hash => Hash_Hash,
Equivalent_Keys => "=");
function Retrieve_State (Hash: Hash_Type) return access Global_State is
C: constant State_graph.Cursor :=
State_Keys.Find (Grafset, Hash);
if State_graph.Has_Element(C) then
return State_graph.Element(C);
return Null;
end if;
end Retrieve_State;
-- Compute the MD5 of the state, as a hash
Put_Line (gnat.md5.digest(As_SEA_Pointer (orchestrator_ctxt'Address).all));
put_line("Executed" & count'img & " functions");
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