Commit 90020750 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Refine error/warning level when testing substrings

parent 6316f933
......@@ -2176,11 +2176,15 @@ def primary_substring(root, context):
msg = ('Substring start range could be higher than end range'
' ({}>{})'.format(max0, max1))
warnings.append(warning(root, msg))
if int(min0) > int(receiver_bty.Max) \
or int(max1) > int(receiver_bty.Max):
msg = 'Substring bounds [{}..{}] outside range [{}..{}]'.format(
min0, max1, receiver_bty.Min, receiver_bty.Max)
if int(min0) > int(receiver_bty.Max):
# real error: range starts with a clearly out of range value
msg = 'Substring left bounds ({}) bigger than index higher bound '\
'({})'.format(min0, receiver_bty.Max)
errors.append(error(root, msg))
if int(max1) > int(receiver_bty.Max):
msg = 'Substring right bound ({}) bigger than index higher bound '\
'({})'.format(max1, receiver_bty.Max)
warnings.append(warning(root, msg))
msg = 'Substring can only be applied to types SequenceOf or String'
errors.append(error(root, msg))
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