Commit 8f5eff7c authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix range check

Range checks for operator DIV and MINUS were incorrect
as reported by Alexandre Esteves
parent ac30fa51
......@@ -1260,12 +1260,12 @@ def arithmetic_expression(root, context):
'Max': str(float(left.Max) * float(right.Max))}
expr.exprType = type('Mul', (basic,), attrs)
elif isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprMinus):
attrs = {'Min': str(float(left.Min) - float(right.Min)),
'Max': str(float(left.Max) - float(right.Max))}
attrs = {'Min': str(float(left.Min) - float(right.Max)),
'Max': str(float(left.Max) - float(right.Min))}
expr.exprType = type('Minus', (basic,), attrs)
elif isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprDiv):
attrs = {'Min': str(float(left.Min) / (float(right.Min) or 1)),
'Max': str(float(left.Max) / (float(right.Max) or 1))}
attrs = {'Min': str(float(left.Min) / (float(right.Max) or 1)),
'Max': str(float(left.Max) / (float(right.Min) or 1))}
expr.exprType = type('Div', (basic,), attrs)
elif isinstance(expr, (ogAST.ExprMod, ogAST.ExprRem)):
attrs = {'Min': right.Min, 'Max': right.Max}
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