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Added support for complex types in In expressions

parent 31c92862
......@@ -950,33 +950,42 @@ def _expr_rel(expr, ctx):
def _expr_eq(expr, ctx):
''' Generate the code for a equality expression '''
left_val = expression(expr.left, ctx)
left_ty = expr.left.exprType
right_val = expression(expr.right, ctx)
right_ty = expr.right.exprType
if isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprEq):
return sdl_equals((left_val, left_ty), (right_val, right_ty), ctx)
return sdl_not_equals((left_val, left_ty), (right_val, right_ty), ctx)
operands_bty = ctx.basic_type_of(expr.left.exprType)
if operands_bty.kind in ('IntegerType', 'Integer32Type', 'BooleanType',
def sdl_equals(a, b, ctx):
''' Generate the code for the Equal operator '''
a_val, a_ty = a
b_val, b_ty = b
res_bty = ctx.basic_type_of(a_ty)
if res_bty.kind in ('IntegerType', 'Integer32Type', 'BooleanType',
'EnumeratedType', 'ChoiceEnumeratedType'):
if isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprEq):
return ctx.builder.icmp(core.ICMP_EQ, left_val, right_val)
return ctx.builder.icmp(core.ICMP_NE, left_val, right_val)
return ctx.builder.icmp(core.ICMP_EQ, a_val, b_val)
elif operands_bty.kind == 'RealType':
if isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprEq):
return ctx.builder.fcmp(core.FCMP_OEQ, left_val, right_val)
return ctx.builder.fcmp(core.FCMP_ONE, left_val, right_val)
elif res_bty.kind == 'RealType':
return ctx.builder.fcmp(core.FCMP_OEQ, a_val, b_val)
type_name = expr.left.exprType.ReferencedTypeName.replace('-', '_').lower()
type_name = a_ty.ReferencedTypeName.replace('-', '_').lower()
except AttributeError:
raise CompileError(
'Expression "%s" not supported for type "%s"'
% (expr.__class__.__name__, operands_bty.kind))
'Equals operator not supported for type "%s"' % res_bty.kind)
func = ctx.funcs["asn1scc%s_equal" % type_name]
res_val =, [left_val, right_val])
return ctx.builder.not_(res_val) if isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprNeg) else res_val
return, [a_val, b_val])
def sdl_not_equals(a, b, ctx):
''' Generate the code for the Not Equal operator '''
return ctx.builder.not_(sdl_equals(a, b, ctx))
......@@ -1234,9 +1243,11 @@ def _expr_in(expr, ctx):
check_block = func.append_basic_block('in:check')
end_block = func.append_basic_block('in:end')
seq_asn1_ty = ctx.basic_type_of(expr.left.exprType)
seq_bty = ctx.basic_type_of(expr.left.exprType)
value_ty = seq_bty.type
elem_ty = seq_bty.type
is_variable_size = seq_asn1_ty.Min != seq_asn1_ty.Max
is_variable_size = seq_bty.Min != seq_bty.Max
idx_ptr = ctx.builder.alloca(ctx.i32), 0), idx_ptr)
......@@ -1258,17 +1269,16 @@ def _expr_in(expr, ctx):
idx_val = ctx.builder.load(idx_ptr)
if is_variable_size:
# The array values are in the second field in variable size arrays
elem_val = ctx.builder.load(ctx.builder.gep(struct_ptr, [,, idx_val]))
elem_ptr = ctx.builder.gep(struct_ptr, [,, idx_val])
elem_val = ctx.builder.load(ctx.builder.gep(struct_ptr, [,, idx_val]))
elem_ptr = ctx.builder.gep(struct_ptr, [,, idx_val])
if value_val.type.kind == core.TYPE_INTEGER:
cond_val = ctx.builder.icmp(core.ICMP_EQ, value_val, elem_val)
elif value_val.type.kind == core.TYPE_DOUBLE:
cond_val = ctx.builder.fcmp(core.FCMP_OEQ, value_val, elem_val)
if is_struct_ptr(elem_ptr):
cond_val = sdl_equals((value_val, value_ty), (elem_ptr, elem_ty), ctx)
raise NotImplementedError
elem_val = ctx.builder.load(elem_ptr)
cond_val = sdl_equals((value_val, value_ty), (elem_val, elem_ty), ctx)
ctx.builder.cbranch(cond_val, end_block, next_block)
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