Commit 8a7bf9c9 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Normalize dash characters in ASN.1 constant names

parent 5bb148ab
......@@ -415,8 +415,9 @@ def _process(process, ctx=None):
# Generate ASN.1 constants
for name, t in process.dv.variables.viewitems():
var_llty = ctx.lltype_of(t.type)
global_var = ctx.module.add_global_variable(var_llty, str(name))
ctx.scope.define(str(name).lower(), global_var)
name = str(name).replace('-', '_').lower()
global_var = ctx.module.add_global_variable(var_llty, name)
ctx.scope.define(name, global_var)
# Generare process-level vars
for name, (asn1ty, expr) in process.variables.viewitems():
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