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Add reference test code

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gnatmake -c orchestrator.adb
gnatbind -n -Lliborchestrator orchestrator
gnatmake -c b~orchestrator.adb
gcc -shared -fPIC -o b~orchestrator.o orchestrator.o taste_basictypes.o adaasn1rtl.o -lgnat
#!/usr/bin/env python
''' test script showing how to view the model's internal state '''
from ctypes import *
# load the shared object
get_value.restype = c_char_p
get_size = test.fixed_size
get_size.restype = c_long
size = get_size()
val = get_value()
print 'size =', size
# We know the size, cast it to an array of bytes that can then be converted to swig
as_bytes = cast(val, POINTER((c_byte *size)))
print 'value =', val, as_bytes.contents[0], as_bytes.contents[1]
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