Commit 7578b3b5 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix in renames clause

parent f79f59c0
......@@ -3829,19 +3829,26 @@ def system_definition(root, parent):
# Ignore duplicate signal definitions when they are defined at
# system level (only taste can do that)
for each in system.signals:
if each['name'].lower() == sig['name'].lower():
for sys_sig in system.signals:
if sys_sig['name'].lower() == sig['name'].lower():
# if there are no channels defined, create an empty one so that
# it can be used to add signals (e.g. for synchronous procedures)
# if there are no channels defined or no route from env to the system
# add an empty one as a placeholder to add signals
env_route = {'source' : 'env', 'dest':, 'signals': []}
no_env : bool = True
for each in system.channels:
for route in each['routes']:
if route['source'] == 'env':
if not system.channels:
system.channels.append({'name': 'c',
'routes':[{'source' : 'env', 'dest':,
'signals': []}]})
system.channels.append({'name': 'c', 'routes':[env_route]})
# in observers, we may have renamed signaels
# add them to signal routes
......@@ -4155,7 +4162,7 @@ def input_part(root, parent, context):
if inp_sig['name'].lower() == inputname.text.lower():
sig_param_type = inp_sig.get('type')
if inp_sig['renames'] is not None:
if 'renames' in inp_sig and inp_sig['renames'] is not None:
# renames are used in observers only
# create a continuous signal
cs = ogAST.ContinuousSignal()
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