Commit 68d172c5 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Avoid exceptions when parsing newtype

NEWTYPE isn't supported by Opengeode but at least it must be parsed
parent 4dbda643
......@@ -2267,8 +2267,12 @@ def newtype(root, ta_ast, context):
newtype = type(str(newtypename), (object,), {
"Line": root.getLine(),
"CharPositionInLine": root.getCharPositionInLine()})
if (root.getChild(1).type == lexer.ARRAY):
if len(root.children) < 2:
warnings.append('Use newtype definitions for arrays and records only')
newtype.kind = "BooleanType"
DV.types[str(newtypename)] = newtype
LOG.debug("Boolean newtype " + newtypename)
elif (root.getChild(1).type == lexer.ARRAY):
newtype.kind = "SequenceOfType"
newtype.type = get_array_type(root.getChild(1))
newtype.Min = "Min"
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