Commit 64c7f785 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fixed typo

parent 7352acb5
......@@ -1098,7 +1098,7 @@ def _expr_logic(expr, ctx):
res_elem_val = ctx.builder.and_(left_elem_val, right_elem_val)
elif isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprOr):
res_elem_val = ctx.builder.or_(left_elem_val, right_elem_val)
elif isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprXOr):
elif isinstance(expr, ogAST.ExprXor):
res_elem_val = ctx.builder.xor(left_elem_val, right_elem_val)
tmp_val = ctx.builder.and_(left_elem_val, right_elem_val)
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