Commit 55b8b5dd authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Autocompletion state entrypoint / via clause

parent e6c965b1
......@@ -892,7 +892,15 @@ class State(VerticalSymbol):
def completion_list(self):
''' Set auto-completion list '''
return set(state for state in CONTEXT.mapping if state != 'START')
elems = unicode(self).lower().strip().split()
if len(elems) == 2 and elems[1] == 'via':
# Get list of entry point of the nested state
statename = elems[0]
for each in CONTEXT.composite_states:
if each.statename == statename:
return each.state_entrypoints
return set(state for state in CONTEXT.mapping if state != 'START')
def set_shape(self, width, height):
''' Compute the polygon to fit in width, height '''
......@@ -1106,3 +1114,8 @@ class StateStart(Start):
def __unicode__(self):
''' Return the state entry point '''
return unicode(self.text)
def update_completion_list(self, pr_text):
''' Update nested state entry points '''
CONTEXT.state_entrypoints = set(CONTEXT.state_entrypoints
+ [unicode(self)])
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