Commit 44a39ffe authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Ada backend: fix unicode issues

parent 187633e3
......@@ -1747,7 +1747,7 @@ def _equality(expr):
if basic:
if lbty.kind == 'IntegerType':
# Cast right side to make sure it is the same integer type as left
right_str = '{}({})'.format(actual_type, right_str)
right_str = u'{}({})'.format(actual_type, right_str)
ada_string = u'({left} {op} {right})'.format(
left=left_str, op=expr.operand, right=right_str)
......@@ -1777,7 +1777,7 @@ def _assign_expression(expr):
# assign the .Data and .Length parts properly
basic_left = find_basic_type(expr.left.exprType)
if basic_left.kind in ('SequenceOfType', 'OctetStringType'):
rlen = "{}'Length".format(right_str)
rlen = u"{}'Length".format(right_str)
if isinstance(expr.right, ogAST.PrimSubstring):
strings.append(u"{lvar}.Data(1..{rvar}'Length) := {rvar};"
.format(lvar=left_str, rvar=right_str))
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