Commit 3db7e984 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix name of gpr file used in Makefile

parent eae2fabf
......@@ -2016,11 +2016,11 @@ end DataView_{lang};'''
template_makefile = '''export ASN1SCC=$(shell which asn1.exe)
\tgprbuild -p -P {pr}.gpr # generate Ada code from the SDL model
\tgprbuild -p -P {prFile}.gpr # generate Ada code from the SDL model
\tgprbuild -p -P dataview_ada.gpr # generate Ada code from the ASN.1 model
\tgprbuild -p -P code/{pr}_ada.gpr # build the Ada code
\tgprbuild -p -P code/{processName}_ada.gpr # build the Ada code
\trm -rf obj code'''.format(pr=prj_name)
\trm -rf obj code'''
# If the current scene is a nested one, save the top parent
scene = self.top_scene()
......@@ -2092,6 +2092,12 @@ clean:
pr_raw = Pr.parse_scene(scene, full_model=True
if not self.readonly_pr else False)
# Read the processs name for the Makefile
for each in scene.processes:
if not isinstance(each, ProcessType):
process_name = str(each.text)
# Move items back to original place to avoid scrollbar jumps
for item in self.scene().floating_symb:
item.pos_x -= delta_x
......@@ -2152,7 +2158,9 @@ clean:
# and generate a Makefile.project to build everything
with open(pr_path + '/Makefile.{}'.format(prj_name), 'w') as f:
for each in chain([scene], scene.all_nested_scenes):
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