Commit 325b898d authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Add pygraphviz submodule

parent 8e6754d2
......@@ -22,3 +22,6 @@
[submodule "antlr3-python"]
path = antlr3-python
url =
[submodule "pygraphviz"]
path = pygraphviz
url =
......@@ -40,7 +40,11 @@ compile-all:
@CLASSPATH=$$PWD/antlr-3.1.3/lib/antlr-3.1.3.jar java org.antlr.Tool sdl92.g
@mv sdl92*.py opengeode
@git submodule update --remote
install: update
@python install --record install.record
publish: install
Subproject commit 245fc9507a9e40f8c35762dd5073e42edb0388d3
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