Commit 316b1c00 authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Fixed field order in sequence generation

parent d5c41fd1
......@@ -67,15 +67,15 @@ class GlobalState():
class Struct():
def __init__(self, name, fields):
class StructType():
def __init__(self, name, field_names, field_types): = name
self.fields = fields
self.field_names = [n for n, _ in self.fields]
self.ty = core.Type.struct([ty for _, ty in self.fields],
self.field_names = field_names
self.ty = core.Type.struct(field_types,
def idx(self, field_name):
return self.field_names.index(field_name)
def idx(self, name):
return self.field_names.index(name)
......@@ -750,15 +750,20 @@ def _generate_type(ty):
elem_ty = _generate_type(basic_ty.type)
array_ty = core.Type.array(elem_ty, max_size)
struct = Struct(ty.ReferencedTypeName, [['_', array_ty]])
struct = StructType(ty.ReferencedTypeName, [['_', array_ty]])
g.structs[ty.ReferencedTypeName] = struct
return struct.ty
elif basic_ty.kind == 'SequenceType':
if ty.ReferencedTypeName in g.structs:
return g.structs[ty.ReferencedTypeName].ty
# TODO: Fields should be iterated in the same order as defined in the type
fields = [[n, _generate_type(f.type)] for n, f in basic_ty.Children.viewitems()]
struct = Struct(ty.ReferencedTypeName, fields)
field_names = []
field_types = []
for field_name in Helper.sorted_fields(basic_ty):
struct = StructType(ty.ReferencedTypeName, field_names, field_types)
g.structs[ty.ReferencedTypeName] = struct
return struct.ty
elif basic_ty.kind == 'EnumeratedType':
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