Commit 30a63a0a authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Complete first support of newtypes (arrays)

parent c6dca099
......@@ -482,7 +482,8 @@ LD_LIBRARY_PATH=../lib:. opengeode-simulator
asn1_modules = '-- No ASN.1 data types are used in this model'
include_custom_types = u'''with {process_name}_newtypes;
use {process_name}_newtypes;''' if process.user_defined_types else u''
use {process_name}_newtypes;'''.format(process_name=process_name) \
if process.user_defined_types else u''
taste_template = [u'''\
-- This file was generated automatically: DO NOT MODIFY IT !
......@@ -1982,6 +1982,7 @@ end {pr};'''.format(pr=prj_name,
template_gpr_asn1 = '''project DataView_{lang} is
for Languages use ("ASN1");
for Source_Dirs use (".");
for Source_Files use ("__dataview_uniq.asn");
for Object_Dir use "code";
package Naming is
......@@ -1997,6 +1998,7 @@ end DataView_{lang};'''
# Template for the Makefile
template_makefile = '''all:
\tcat *.asn > __dataview_uniq.asn
\tgprbuild -p -P {pr}.gpr # generate Ada code from the SDL and ASN.1 models
\tgprbuild -p -P {pr}_ada.gpr # build the Ada code
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