Commit 2673343d authored by dbarbera's avatar dbarbera
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Added ASN.1 type generation

parent 25da6ff0
......@@ -73,6 +73,7 @@ def _process(process):
LLVM['module'] =
LLVM['pass_manager'] =['module'])
LLVM['executor'] =['module'])
LLVM['types'] = process.dataview
# Set up the optimizer pipeline.
# Start with registering info about how the
# target lays out data structures.
......@@ -97,11 +98,11 @@ def _process(process):
LLVM['module'].add_global_variable(, 'state')
# Generare process-level vars
for var_name, (var_type, def_value) in process.variables.viewitems():
#TODO: Use ASN.1 type instead of hardcoded int type
var_ptr = LLVM['module'].add_global_variable(, str(var_name))
for var_name, (var_asn1_type, def_value) in process.variables.viewitems():
var_type = _generate_type(find_basic_type(var_asn1_type))
var_ptr = LLVM['module'].add_global_variable(var_type, str(var_name))
if def_value:
raise NotImplementedError
# Generate process functions
runtr_func = _generate_runtr_func(process)
......@@ -452,3 +453,28 @@ def _floating_label(label):
def _inner_procedure(proc):
''' Generate the code for a procedure '''
def _generate_type(ty):
basic_ty = find_basic_type(ty)
if basic_ty.kind == 'IntegerType':
elif basic_ty.kind == 'BooleanType':
elif basic_ty.kind == 'RealType':
return core.type.real()
raise NotImplementedError
# TODO: Refactor this into the helper module
def find_basic_type(a_type):
''' Return the ASN.1 basic type of a_type '''
basic_type = a_type
while basic_type.kind == 'ReferenceType':
# Find type with proper case in the data view
for typename in LLVM['types'].viewkeys():
if typename.lower() == basic_type.ReferencedTypeName.lower():
basic_type = LLVM['types'][typename].type
return basic_type
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