Commit 1c90c9da authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Cleanup code

parent 42db5e4d
......@@ -1439,13 +1439,6 @@ def append_expression(root, context):
left = find_basic_type(expr.left.exprType)
right = find_basic_type(expr.right.exprType)
# check that the appended value is of the right type
# TODO : need a complete analysis just like the in_expression above
# try:
# warnings.extend(compare_types(expr.right.exprType, ref_type))
# except TypeError as err:
# errors.append(error(root, str(err)))
# check that both left and right are actual strings
for bty in (left, right):
if bty.kind != 'SequenceOfType' and not is_string(bty):
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