Commit 118c8664 authored by Maxime Perrotin's avatar Maxime Perrotin
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Fix issue detected by Python3 (not by Python2)

parent 2cf8214a
......@@ -5252,10 +5252,11 @@ def parse_pr(files=None, string=None):
# check that all NEXTSTATEs have a correspondingly defined STATE
# (except the '-' state, which means "stay in the same state')
for process in og_ast.processes:
for ns in [t.inputString.lower() for t in process.terminators
if t.kind == 'next_state']:
if not ns in [s.lower() for s in
process.mapping.keys()] + ['-']:
for t in process.terminators:
if t.kind != 'next_state':
ns = t.inputString.lower()
if not ns in [s.lower() for s in process.mapping.keys()] + ['-']:
t_x, t_y = t.pos_x or 0, t.pos_y or 0
errors.append(['State definition missing: ' + ns.upper(),
[t_x, t_y],
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