Commit 596ccbb4 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx

* Always take into accound command-line USER_CFLAGS and

          USER_LDFLAGS, generate macro iff defined

          For openaadl/ocarina#95
parent ab7744c2
...@@ -221,12 +221,16 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_Ada is ...@@ -221,12 +221,16 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_Ada is
Free (Target_Prefix); Free (Target_Prefix);
Free (Target); Free (Target);
Write_Str ("USER_CFLAGS ="); if USER_CFLAGS /= No_Name then
Write_Name (USER_CFLAGS); Write_Str ("USER_CFLAGS += $(USER_CFLAGS)");
Write_Eol; Write_Name (USER_CFLAGS);
Write_Str ("USER_LDFLAGS ="); Write_Eol;
Write_Name (USER_LDFLAGS); end if;
Write_Eol; if USER_LDFLAGS /= No_Name then
Write_Name (USER_LDFLAGS);
end if;
-- Project file -- Project file
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