Commit f60a240d authored by jdelange's avatar jdelange
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* ocarina-backends-c_common-mapping.adb

   - Map subprograms correctly when calling a lua function
     or just a file

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent 2e432c8f
...@@ -2166,6 +2166,12 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Mapping is ...@@ -2166,6 +2166,12 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Mapping is
(C_Values.New_Pointed_Char_Value (C_Values.New_Pointed_Char_Value
(Get_Source_Name (S))), (Get_Source_Name (S))),
Call_Profile); Call_Profile);
(Make_Defining_Identifier (CONST (C_Null),
C_Conversion => False),
end if; end if;
Append_Node_To_List Append_Node_To_List
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