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* Remove e-mail addresses

parent 50091c02
David Abad-Garcia <> David Abad-Garcia
Thomas Autret <> Thomas Autret
Julien Delange <> Julien Delange
Olivier Gilles <> Olivier Gilles
Jerome Hugues <> Jerome Hugues
Fabrice Kordon <> Fabrice Kordon
Stephane Lanarre <> Stephane Lanarre
Gilles Lasnier <> Gilles Lasnier
Laurent Pautet <> Laurent Pautet
Xavier Renault <> Xavier Renault
Clement Tourriere <> Clement Tourriere
Thomas Vergnaud <> Thomas Vergnaud
Vo Ngoc Minh <> Vo Ngoc Minh
Bechir Zalila <> Bechir Zalila
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