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* Package behavior_properties.aadl

parent b17ba45c
-- This property set is derived from the Behavior Annex language
-- specification, as part of the AS5506/2 standard.
property set Behavior_Properties is
Subprogram_Call_Protocol: enumeration (HSER,LSER,ASER) => HSER
applies to (subprogram access);
-- The Behavior Annex introduces more precise communication
-- protocols that can be used to better control the blocking
-- duration of a client thread during a remote call to a server
-- thread. These protocols are derived from the main HOOD
-- functional execution requests:
-- * HSER for Highly Synchronous Execution Request.
-- * LSER for Loosely Synchronous Execution Request.
-- * ASER for ASynchronous Execution Request.
end Behavior_Properties;
......@@ -17,6 +17,7 @@ AADL_V2_PROPERTIES = $(srcdir)/AADLv2/aadl_project.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/arinc653_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/assert_types.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/assert_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/behavior_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/deployment_properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/Cheddar_Properties.aadl \
$(srcdir)/AADLv2/thread_properties.aadl \
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