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* Add FMI package, library of FMI2.0 data types

        For openaadl/ocarina#157
parent 8365b26b
package FMI
-- This package defines data types to match FMI2.0 type definiion
with Base_Types;
-- fmi2Real : double precision floating-point data type
data fmi2Real extends Base_Types::Float_64
end fmi2Real;
-- fmi2Integer : basic signed integer data type
data fmi2Integer extends Base_Types::Integer
end fmi2Integer;
-- fmi2Boolean : basic signed integer data type
data fmi2Boolean extends Base_Types::Boolean
end fmi2Boolean;
-- fmi2Char : character data type
data fmi2Char extends Base_Types::Character
end fmi2Char;
-- fmi2String : a pointer to a vector of fmi2Char characters
-- ('\0' terminated, UTF8 encoded)
data fmi2String extends Base_Types::String
end fmi2String;
-- fmi2Byte : smallest addressable unit of the machine, typically
-- one byte.
data fmi2Byte extends Base_Types::Unsigned_8
end fmi2Byte;
end FMI;
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