Commit cba7779c authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx

* Remove tests that rely on compiling Ocarina code, they badly

          interact with gcov tests
parent 0054ea82
tests/test_ocarina_help tests/test_ocarina_help
tests/test_ocarina_config #tests/test_ocarina_config
tests/test_ocarina_gpr #tests/test_ocarina_gpr
tests/osate-flow-impls/FlowImpls.aadl tests/osate-flow-impls/FlowImpls.aadl
tests/osate-flow-impl-modes/FlowImplModes.aadl tests/osate-flow-impl-modes/FlowImplModes.aadl
tests/osate2-t02/t2.aadl tests/osate2-t02/t2.aadl
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