Commit c935cfe6 authored by Bechir Zalila's avatar Bechir Zalila
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* (ocarina_config.aadl): Annex_Type: enumeration to pilot the

	enabling/disabling of annexes during the parsing of AADL files.

	(By Wafa Gabsi)
parent 6fb89a9a
......@@ -62,4 +62,18 @@ property set Ocarina_Config is
Timeout_Property : Time applies to (system);
-- The timeout used to stop an execution
Annex_Type : type enumeration
-- Designates the list of annexes supported in ocarina. annex_all
-- and annex_none designate respectively all supported annexes
-- and none of them for properties that accept this kind of
-- designation.
Enable_Annexes : list of Ocarina_Config::Annex_Type applies to (system);
-- List of annexes to be enabled in the parsed model
end Ocarina_Config;
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