Commit c18351e1 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Add support for gnatmetric

parent 860dbda2
......@@ -45,6 +45,9 @@ examples::
@$(MAKE) -C projects gnatcheck
@$(MAKE) -C projects gnatmetric
check-local: install
@$(MAKE) test-suite
@$(MAKE) -C resources/runtime maybe-check-runtimes
......@@ -107,6 +107,12 @@ gnatcheck: %-build:
gnatmetric: %-build:
ADA_PROJECT_PATH=$(top_srcdir)/projects:$(ADA_PROJECT_PATH) \
gnat metric -Pocarina-main.gpr -U $(GNATFLAGS) \
clean-local: $(BUILD_DIRS) $(CLEAN_STAMPS) clean-mknodes
# XXX creating/deleting ocarina-configuration.adb is to please
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