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* Remove compilation files

        For issue #75
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V "GNAT Lib v5"
A -fstack-check=specific
A -g
A -g
A -gnatf
A -gnaty
A -gnatwa
A -gnatwe
A -gnato
A -gnata
A -gnaty
A -gnatwL
A -gnatyu
A -gnatys
A -gnat12
A -gnatA
U ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.main%b ocarina-backends-aadl_xml-main.adb a312faac NE OO PK IS
W interfaces%s interfac.ali
W ocarina%s ocarina.adb ocarina.ali
W ocarina.aadl_values%s ocarina-aadl_values.adb ocarina-aadl_values.ali
W ocarina.backends%s ocarina-backends.adb ocarina-backends.ali
W ocarina.backends.aadl_xml%s ocarina-backends-aadl_xml.adb ocarina-backends-aadl_xml.ali
W ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.mapping%s ocarina-backends-aadl_xml-mapping.adb ocarina-backends-aadl_xml-mapping.ali
W ocarina.backends.xml_tree%s ocarina-backends-xml_tree.ali
W ocarina.backends.xml_tree.nodes%s ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nodes.adb ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nodes.ali
W ocarina.backends.xml_tree.nutils%s ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nutils.adb ocarina-backends-xml_tree-nutils.ali
W ocarina.instances%s ocarina-instances.adb ocarina-instances.ali
W ocarina.instances.queries%s ocarina-instances-queries.adb ocarina-instances-queries.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl%s ocarina-me_aadl.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.entities%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-entities.adb ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-entities.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.nodes%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-nodes.adb ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-nodes.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.nutils%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-nutils.adb ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_instances-nutils.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_tree%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_tree.ali
W ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_tree.nodes%s ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_tree-nodes.adb ocarina-me_aadl-aadl_tree-nodes.ali
W ocarina.namet%s ocarina-namet.adb ocarina-namet.ali
W system%s system.ali
W system.img_enum_new%s s-imenne.adb s-imenne.ali
W system.scalar_values%s s-scaval.adb s-scaval.ali
W system.secondary_stack%s s-secsta.adb s-secsta.ali
U ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.main%s 38650660 EE NE OO PK IS
W ocarina.backends.aadl_xml%s ocarina-backends-aadl_xml.adb ocarina-backends-aadl_xml.ali
D 20140801083227 fd2ad2f1 gnat%s
D 20130910150540 16cef446 gnat.table%s
D 20141120112812 6033a23f interfaces%s
D 20160902084437 06a68fdd locations%s
D 20160902084437 bfb8a9d7 ocarina%s
D 20160902084437 af61b867 ocarina.aadl_values%s
D 20160902084508 6580b411 ocarina.backends%s
D 20160902084437 9c6af0b7 ocarina.backends.aadl_xml%s
D 20160902084437 a40ff6d7 ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.main%s
D ocarina-backends-aadl_xml-main.adb 20160902084508 518a920a ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.main%b
D 20160902084437 0a27c5b4 ocarina.backends.aadl_xml.mapping%s
D 20160902084437 e6c212c3 ocarina.backends.xml_tree%s
D 20160902084801 4ab03340 ocarina.backends.xml_tree.nodes%s
D 20160902084437 c98ec325 ocarina.backends.xml_tree.nutils%s
D 20160902084437 bb3c6dea ocarina.instances%s
D 20160902084437 b03b5ccf ocarina.instances.queries%s
D 20160902084437 debca36c ocarina.me_aadl%s
D 20160902084437 8883fa2d ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances%s
D 20160902084437 3c61cb78 ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.entities%s
D 20160902084801 a82a3b03 ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.nodes%s
D 20160902084437 470f147e ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_instances.nutils%s
D 20160902084437 7b68b93a ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_tree%s
D 20160902084801 7e383ab1 ocarina.me_aadl.aadl_tree.nodes%s
D 20160902084437 b31432d0 ocarina.namet%s
D 20160902084437 e099215b ocarina.types%s
D 20141031112219 1d274481 system%s
D 20140225151139 614c06c0 system.img_enum_new%s
D 20090409150019 bea40757 system.scalar_values%s
D 20140225151139 86a2856d system.secondary_stack%s
D 20140225151139 2dc34a04 system.storage_elements%s
D 20070406091342 214516a4 unchecked_deallocation%s
D /home/hugues/Dev/ocarina/src/../projects/restrictions.adc 20160902084437 00000000
X 5
32K9*Ocarina 61e12 9|32r9 36r5 10|32r6 32r37 33r6 33r37 34r6 36r6 37r6 38r6
. 39r6 40r6 41r6 42r6 43r6 45r14 47r8 48r8 49r8 50r8 51r8 53r24 54r25 55r24
. 381r31 416r31 441r31 513r31 526r31 575r5
X 6
38K17*AADL_Values 152e24 10|34w14 381r39 416r39 441r39 513r39 526r39
108V13*Image{string} 10|381s51 416s51 441s51 513s51 526s51
108b38 Quoted{boolean} 10|443r34
X 7
41K17*Backends 5|32k9 7|120e21 9|32r17 36r13 10|41r14 42r14 43r14 45r22 50r16
. 51r16 55r32 575r13
X 8
34K26*AADL_XML 7|41k17 8|54e30 9|32r26 36r22 10|43r23 45r31 51r25 575r22
X 9
32K35*Main 8|34k26 9|36l31 36e35 10|45b40 575l31 575t35
34U14*Visit 34>21 10|141s13 155b14 160s13 168l8 168t13
34i21 E{25|195I9} 10|155b21 157r18 159r46 163r30
X 10 ocarina-backends-aadl_xml-main.adb
53K12 ATN=53:50 56r13 362r24 362r57 363r33 382r34 383r37 391r28 392r31 397r24
. 397r57 399r29 417r34 418r37 424r24 424r57 442r34 448r24 448r57 464r28 465r31
. 466r34 467r37 473r24 473r57 489r28 490r31 495r24 495r57 514r34 515r37 516r40
. 527r34 528r37 529r40 534r24 535r27 541r31 542r34 543r37 555r36
54K12 AINU=54:56 136r14
55K12 XTN=55:50 99r10 109r13 115r13 123r10 124r45 207r16 211r16 211r30 211r45
. 215r16 223r31 228r43 241r16 266r19 270r19 298r19 300r48 312r19 315r19 318r48
. 326r48 336r45 351r16 356r16 374r22 385r22 393r22 409r22 420r22 434r22 444r22
. 458r22 469r22 483r22 491r22 505r22 518r22 531r22 544r25 558r22 564r16
58U14 Visit_Component 58>31 163s13 174b14 573l8 573t23
58i31 E{25|195I9} 174b31 175r76 193r28 196r28 222r27 230r29 231r37 330r31
. 338r31 339r39 359r50
59U14 Visit_Subcomponents_Of 59>38 133b14 145l8 145t30 330s7
59i38 E{25|195I9} 133b38 136r44 137r42
61V13 Map_Component{25|195I9} 61>28 67b13 127l8 127t21 222s12
61i28 E{25|195I9} 67b28 98r65 103r40 108r66 114r68 122r62
68a7 Category_Name_String(25|182I9) 98r16
86i7 N{25|195I9} 90m7 99r21 109r24 115r24 124r59 126r14
87i7 Classifier_Node{25|195I9} 120m7 123r24 124r28
134i7 S{25|195I9} 137m10 138r25 141r44 142m13 142r29
147i4 Root_System_Node{25|195I9} 159m13 160r20 206r48
148i4 AADL_XML_Node{25|195I9} 199r13 200m13 207r27 210r16 215r30
149i4 Current_XML_Node{25|195I9} 217m10 223r45 328r27 329m7 331m7
175e7 Category{17|53E9} 192r10 569r10
176i7 N{25|195I9} 222m7 223r28 228r57 326r62 336r59
178i7 Old_XML_Node{25|195I9} 328m7 331r27
179i7 Subcomponents_Node{25|195I9} 325m7 326r28 329r27
180i7 Features_Node{25|195I9} 227m7 228r28 318r62
181i7 Properties_Node{25|195I9} 335m7 336r28 564r30
182i7 Feature_Node{25|195I9} 233m13 241r27 270r33 300r62 315r33 318r34
183i7 F{25|195I9} 231m10 232r25 240r71 250r25 251r29 251r53 253r37 253r58
. 255r32 255r52 280r25 281r32 281r57 283r40 283r62 285r35 285r56 288r28 311r72
. 319m13 319r29 339m10 340r25 350r71 359r71 565m13 565r29
184i7 P{25|195I9} 193m10 194r23
185i7 U{25|195I9} 196m10 197r23 211r59
186i7 Property_Node{25|195I9} 345m13 351r27 356r30 563r16
187i7 Components_Node{25|195I9} 212m13 214r16 217r30
188i7 Property_Value_Node{25|195I9} 353m13 355r16 374r36 409r36 434r36 458r36
. 483r36 505r36 558r36
189i7 AADL_Property_Value{25|195I9} 358m13 361r25 362r34 363r54 384r40 392r52
. 396r28 397r34 399r50 419r40 423r28 424r34 442r45 447r28 448r34 468r40 472r28
. 473r34 490r47 494r28 495r34 517r43 530r43 535r44 543r54 548r28 555r46
246i16 Direction_Node{25|195I9} 249m16 266r30 269r19
247i16 Direction_Kind{25|182I9} 252m22 254m22 256m22 259m19 265r48
276i16 Type_Node{25|195I9} 279m16 298r30 300r37
277i16 Type_Kind{25|182I9} 282m22 284m22 286m22 289m19 291m19 297r48
306i16 Classifier_Node{25|195I9} 308m16 312r33 314r19
369i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 371m19 373r22 385r33 393r33
404i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 406m19 408r22 420r33
429i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 431m19 433r22 444r33
453i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 455m19 457r22 469r33
478i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 480m19 482r22 491r33
500i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 502m19 504r22 518r33 531r33 544r36
552i19 Unit_Node{25|195I9} 554m19 557r22
X 11
32K35*Mapping 10|43w32 51r34 11|37e38
34V13*Map_HI_Node{25|195I9} 10|193s15
35V13*Map_HI_Unit{25|195I9} 10|196s15
X 12
35K26*XML_Tree 10|41r23 42r23 50r25 55r41 12|36e30
X 13
12K35*Nodes 10|41w32 55r50 13|327e36
257V13*Root_Node{25|195I9} 10|211s34
266V13*Items{25|208I9} 10|99s14 109s17 115s17 207s20 241s20 266s23 298s23
. 351s20 385s26 393s26 420s26 444s26 469s26 491s26 518s26 531s26 544s29