Commit b57d0d6f authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* USER_CFLAGS must be passed in a -cargs section

        For openaadl/ocarina#95
parent 61b8ee70
......@@ -280,7 +280,7 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_Ada is
Write_Char (ASCII.HT);
-- If there are C source or C libraries, there will be more
-- options.
......@@ -290,7 +290,7 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_Ada is
-- Use gnateliim to determine which portion of code is
-- Use gnatelim to determine which portion of code is
-- unused and recompile the application with Eliminate
-- pragmas. Note: gnatelim is available in GNAT GPL/Pro,
-- but not GCC
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