Commit a5824373 authored by bouazizrahma's avatar bouazizrahma
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enhance code + add declaration of the function States_Initialization in file 'subprograms.h'

parent 7abf7235
......@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ with Ocarina.Backends.C_Tree.Nodes;
with Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Mapping;
with Ocarina.Backends.PO_HI_C.Runtime;
with Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.BA;
with Ocarina.ME_AADL_BA.BA_Tree.Nutils;
with Ocarina.ME_AADL_BA.BA_Tree.Nodes;
package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Subprograms is
......@@ -59,6 +61,8 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Subprograms is
package AIN renames Ocarina.ME_AADL.AADL_Instances.Nodes;
package AINU renames Ocarina.ME_AADL.AADL_Instances.Nutils;
package CTN renames Ocarina.Backends.C_Tree.Nodes;
package BANu renames Ocarina.ME_AADL_BA.BA_Tree.Nutils;
package BATN renames Ocarina.ME_AADL_BA.BA_Tree.Nodes;
C_Root : Node_Id;
......@@ -584,8 +588,6 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Subprograms is
Spg_Call : Node_Id;
Feature : Node_Id;
N : Node_Id;
Def_Idt : Node_Id;
Parameter_List : constant List_Id := New_List (CTN.K_List_Id);
S : constant Node_Id := Parent_Subcomponent (E);
if Has_In_Ports (E) then
......@@ -630,21 +632,37 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Subprograms is
if Has_Behavior_Specification (E) then
Def_Idt := Make_Defining_Identifier
(Map_C_BA_Related_Function_Name (S, BA_Body => True));
N := Make_Extern_Entity_Declaration
(Make_Specification_Of_BA_Related_Function (E, BA_Body => True));
N :=
(Make_Defining_Identifier (PN (P_Self)),
Parameter_Type => RE (RE_Task_Id));
Append_Node_To_List (N, Parameter_List);
Append_Node_To_List (N, CTN.Declarations (Current_File));
N := Make_Function_Specification
(Defining_Identifier => Def_Idt,
Parameters => Parameter_List,
Return_Type => New_Node (CTN.K_Void));
BA : Node_Id;
BA := Get_Behavior_Specification (E);
if BANu.Length (BATN.States (BA)) > 1 then
N :=
(Defining_Identifier => Make_Defining_Identifier
(S, States_Initialization => True)),
Parameters => No_List,
Return_Type => New_Node (CTN.K_Void)));
Append_Node_To_List (N,
CTN.Declarations (Current_File));
if Is_To_Make_Init_Sequence (E) then
N := Make_Extern_Entity_Declaration
(E, BA_Initialization => True));
Append_Node_To_List (N, CTN.Declarations (Current_File));
Append_Node_To_List (N, CTN.Declarations (Current_File));
end if;
end if;
end if;
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