Commit 9572c52c authored by jdelange's avatar jdelange
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* Fix POK testsuite issue

git-svn-id: 129961e7-ef38-4bb5-a8f7-c9a525a55882
parent 7e553172
......@@ -1924,7 +1924,8 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.C_Common.Mapping is
pragma Assert (AINU.Is_Subprogram (S));
if Containing_Device /= No_Node then
if Get_Current_Backend_Kind = PolyORB_HI_C
and then Containing_Device /= No_Node then
Param := CTU.Make_Parameter_Specification
(Defining_Identifier =>
Make_Defining_Identifier (VN (V_Dev_Id)),
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