Commit 8b83ae06 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Add test for issue #39

parent 412d9e7e
...@@ -288,5 +288,6 @@ tests/github/issue_10/test2.aadl ...@@ -288,5 +288,6 @@ tests/github/issue_10/test2.aadl
tests/github/issue_22/p.aadl tests/github/issue_22/p.aadl
tests/github/issue_35/test.aadl tests/github/issue_35/test.aadl
tests/github/issue_36/test.aadl tests/github/issue_36/test.aadl
tests/root_system/test.aadl tests/root_system/test.aadl
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