Commit 886c0455 authored by Bechir Zalila's avatar Bechir Zalila

* ( When running an executable test, set coorectly

	the OCARINA_PATH environment variable
parent 44454aae
......@@ -460,9 +460,9 @@ if test ${dotests} = "true" ; then
# failures=`expr ${failures} + 1`
./`basename ${file} .adb` >${actual_output} 2>&1
command="./`basename ${file} .adb`"
OCARINA_PATH="`which ocarina`" ./`basename ${file} .adb` >${actual_output} 2>&1
command="./`basename ${file} .adb`"
if test -r ${expected_output} ; then
${scriptdir}/tools/ \
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