Commit 842a9df5 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* (Get_Compute_Entrypoint): add support for Compute_Entrypoint

parent 80fb771d
......@@ -578,11 +578,19 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends.Properties is
In_Mode : Name_Id := No_Name)
return Name_Id
Spg_Classifier : Node_Id;
if Is_Defined_String_Property
(E, Compute_Entrypoint_Source_Text_Name, In_Mode) then
(E, Compute_Entrypoint_Source_Text_Name, In_Mode)
return Get_String_Property
(E, Compute_Entrypoint_Source_Text_Name, In_Mode);
elsif Is_Defined_Property (E, Compute_Entrypoint_Name, In_Mode) then
Spg_Classifier := Get_Classifier_Property
(E, Compute_Entrypoint_Name, In_Mode);
return Get_Source_Name (Spg_Classifier);
end if;
return No_Name;
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