Commit 7f1a2af9 authored by yoogx's avatar yoogx
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* Remove mention of SpaceStudio backend, it belons to another

parent dd7f358e
...@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@ with Ocarina.Backends.ASN1_Tree.Nutils; ...@@ -74,7 +74,6 @@ with Ocarina.Backends.ASN1_Tree.Nutils;
with Ocarina.Backends.ASN1_Values; with Ocarina.Backends.ASN1_Values;
with Ocarina.Backends.AADL_XML; with Ocarina.Backends.AADL_XML;
with Ocarina.Backends.Alloy; with Ocarina.Backends.Alloy;
with Ocarina.Backends.AADL_spacestudio;
with Ocarina.Options; use Ocarina.Options; with Ocarina.Options; use Ocarina.Options;
...@@ -201,7 +200,6 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends is ...@@ -201,7 +200,6 @@ package body Ocarina.Backends is
Cheddar.Init; Cheddar.Init;
Connection_Matrix.Init; Connection_Matrix.Init;
Functions_Matrix.Init; Functions_Matrix.Init;
Alloy.Init; Alloy.Init;
end Init; end Init;
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