Commit 7a35c5cf authored by Bechir Zalila's avatar Bechir Zalila
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* (ocarina-fe_aadl-parser-annexes.adb): No Corresponding_Annex for

	annex libraries.
parent 4f2fc1b5
......@@ -165,7 +165,11 @@ package body Ocarina.FE_AADL.Parser.Annexes is
if Present (Annex) then
Set_Annex_Content (Annex, Annex_Content);
Set_Corresponding_Annex (Annex, Annex_Root);
if Code = PC_Annex_Subclause then
Set_Corresponding_Annex (Annex, Annex_Root);
end if;
return Annex;
return No_Node;
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