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* File test for issue #87

parent 345984ff
package test
with core;
system container
end container;
system implementation container.impl
test_pr: process core::node.impl;
end container.impl;
end test;package core
data state_data
end state_data;
data implementation state_data.impl
end state_data.impl;
thread main_loop
error_tr: out event port;
run_tr: out event port;
init_tr: out event port;
close_tr: out event port;
globalState: requires data access state_data.impl;
notify_state: requires subprogram access state_manager;
end main_loop;
thread implementation main_loop.impl
prepare: subprogram function;
spin: subprogram function;
tear_down: subprogram function;
error_handler: subprogram function;
run_sig_pr: port prepare.signal -> run_tr ;
error_sig_pr: port prepare.signal -> error_tr ;
error_sig_sp: port spin.signal -> error_tr ;
run_sig_sp: port spin.signal -> run_tr ;
close_sig_er: port error_handler.signal -> close_tr ;
run_sig_er: port error_handler.signal -> run_tr ;
init_sig_er: port error_handler.signal -> init_tr ;
--data access
da1: data access prepare.state_access -> globalState ;
da2: data access spin.state_access -> globalState ;
da3: data access tear_down.state_access -> globalState ;
da4: data access error_handler.state_access -> globalState ;
end main_loop.impl;
subprogram function
signal: out event port;
state_access: requires data access state_data.impl;
end function;
subprogram state_manager
end state_manager;
process node
close: in event port;
notify_state: requires subprogram access state_manager;
end node;
process implementation node.impl
main_thread: thread main_loop.impl in modes (init , running, closing, error);
state: data state_data.impl;
da: data access state -> main_thread.globalState;
sc: subprogram access main_thread.notify_state -> notify_state;
init: initial mode;
running: mode;
closing: mode;
error: mode;
running -[close]-> closing;
running -[main_thread.run_tr]-> running;
init -[close]-> closing;
init -[main_thread.run_tr]-> running;
init -[main_thread.error_tr]-> error;
error -[main_thread.init_tr]-> init;
error -[main_thread.run_tr]-> running;
error -[main_thread.close_tr]-> closing;
end node.impl;
end core;
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